2 decades ago this month (april 2019)… artwork traded for a domain name and hosting, did not immediately lead to my artwork online …and global admiration and respect.
The internet back then was still a thing only the tech savvy were able to manipulate to their advantage.

For 10 years, my tiny, 1 bedroom apartment off 4th Street SW, Calgary, AB – The Creative Corner

Only after the purchase of a new Dell, using an already five year old version of Dreamweaver and a Website Design for Dummies manual did I manage to get content online.

Honestly, keeping the website up and running proved to be difficult, not just financially. Back then, I was window painting and illustrating to supplement my income as well as learning to leverage my presence online. The internet had been proving to be a promising venture for computer and tech types. So why not the same for those who could draw, paint, sculpt, etc?

After my time at The Gauntlet, the website was the new home for The Thinking Man’s Idiocies, and also a portfolio (for the whole world wide web to discover?) and a thorn in my side. I found web design arduous and time consuming – leaving me little time for what mattered …CONTENT.

Eventually technology advanced and posting content online easier for all, including intermediate web designers, artist types.

Still after all this time with myhosting.com, I downsized to a WordPress based site builder, finally finding a friendlier way of providing content for whatever cyber audience is out there on the ol’ triple W.

Speaking of audience, thank you so much for visiting, commenting, and sharing. Without your support, electronically and in real life, I would most likely be pondering my existence online in the future.

Thank you so much for your visits, patience and support.