An essential plugin for my website Comic Easel, was most likely abandoned by it’s author, Philip M. Hofer.

“The Comic Easel website was not renewed. The last time Mr. Hofer posted on his website was back in 2019” – Illya King.

So if I understand correctly, since last year, Illya King has taken it upon himself to continue on with updates to the plugin.

WTF… it hasn’t even been a full year since switching to latest webhosting company, and there’s a possible looming threat to the health of my website?

The switch was basically because of out of date security software on the server side of things at – causing wordpress code to eventually fail and completely crash my site. I had been with myhosting for 20+ years.

Yes, I am saving a bundle of money with the all Canadian, all green WHC and… wordpress can happily continue to update without troublesome server protocol jamming things up.

WHC is the table, WordPress is the bowl, Comic Press is the milk, Comic Easel is the cereal.

I worry one day someone will want to enjoy a big delicious bowl of but instead is presented with just… ‘a bowl of milk on a nice table’ …or maybe not even that.

If this image disturbs you, in context of my website analogy, I consider you a fan… now go buy my stuff.

The gentle hordes of Chad’s Universe fans and followers are most likey choking back tears with just the thought of coming upon a “404 error – page not found” instead of their beloved website and artist.