Wow……. How many times did you tap or click??


Adult Japanese Manga (banned in Canada) may have been researched in the production of this comic strip.

I thought Canada was a fairly liberal country (Yes, naive of me). So when I saw a list of this years 50 banned Manga titles, I thought, “Oh no, someone with authority is being over-sensitive.” I was ready to raise a fist into the air, with a ‘How dare they stifle an artist’s freedom of expression’ attitude.

  • Images or situations of an extreme adult nature, okay.
  • Interior or cross-section views of sex – REALLY?? O-okaaay.
  • A few things that regretfully cannot be unseen. “Ah, okay, I get it now.”

Yet …next year, “50 Banned Manga Titles in Canada? Banned?? This is an outrage!”