I was meaning to start the new website much earlier than this. But none the less, older strips and comics are now uploaded, as well as the latest Red Binder photos.

The sign painting project at Dickens was finished much sooner than anticipated.

I’ve paid my respects to Leonard Nimoy – in many places online, but most notably Star Trek Online.

So now I find myself with 5 full weeks to prep for the Calgary Expo. After not participating for 2 years and a unintentional artistic hiatus, I’m surprisingly confident I can be Expo Ready by April.16.

I’ve added to my table décor this time around.

With the addition/construction of a back drop and a large 3D logo, I hope to get a record breaking amount of folks by my table for Graffiti Bunny.GBunny-LAYERsCCEE2015

Chad’s Universe

Artist Alley

Table BF 3707