Thanks to all of the folks that came by my table in Artist Alley.

It was great chatting with many of you and I really appreciate all who participated with Graffiti Bunny.

Some of the Cosplayers and Neighboring Artists passed along great past Expo stories, costuming tips, material recommendations and publishing information.

It had been a little while since the my last Expo and admittedly things were a little frenzied at first, earlier this year. Though because every Expo gets more organized and streamlined than the last one, it was all smooth sailing by show time.

The entire 4 days were more enjoyable and much easier mostly because of  my lovely table assistants, Wendy and Taren. Thank you both!

Like my first Expo (2011), this years show was about generating website traffic. Though Webcomic Sample Books (from 2012 Expo) and Table Drawing Prints did alright, nothing pushed into the profit zone – and I completely expected that.

Let’s get down to it: Graffiti Bunnies

332 Handed Out

212 Collected

120 Unaccounted




Photos, yes …here’s just a few in no particular order:

Thanks again to my table gals, and to all of you who dropped by Chad’s Universe.

This was by far the best Expo experience I’ve had and I’m looking forward to seeing you all again in 2016!