…and then tell 999, 999 of your friends to do the same.


Not all that long ago, I moved to Vancouver…

…using all the severance I had from being laid off, because of the economic down turn back in Alberta. 

With my girlfriend, I looked forward a new life in a big city with a picturesque backdrop for what I assumed would be the rest of my days.

But a depression about my insurmountable debt pushed aside any passion I had, for pretty much everything, including the woman whom originally gave me the bravery to pack up and move.

This woman I lovingly referred to as my Business Manager gave me every last drop of patience she had. Unfortunately it was not a bottomless well …and so we decided to part ways.

I only now, finally have permanent full-time employment, but no resources beyond that …except maybe the internet. Which reminds me of a saying, which was referring to the internet:

“If I could get a million people to give me $1 each …I’d have a million dollars!”

Yes, I realize there’s websites solely for the purpose of providing folks with a mechanism to ask for money ( in exchange for merchandise usually). I know, “You won’t get what you want, unless you ask for it first,” right??

So here you are, right now …looking at a donate button, with a spare dollar and I need your help

Please give/donate one (or more) dollars to me and tell as many friends as you can to do the same

Thank you

Rob n Rick Rodent ©1997


I want to take care of this life paralyzing debt …to work FULL TIME on…

 The Thinking Man’s Idiocies, merchandise designs, print on demand books and graphic novels, as well as develop other titles. Titles that I believe, if the industry will have me, could transfer into many Book/TV/Film franchises.

It’s a lot to ask for, I know – but I want to do a lot.

By helping me or telling someone who can, you get a lot  …to look at, read, purchase and own – for years to come.