A hosting plan I had for well over 10 years came to an end and in its place is the version of Chad’s Universe you see before you.

WordPress and Comicpress are used by many, many bloggers and online comic artists, yet I’m only just trying it out now. I say ‘trying’ because I still feel like I haven’t really committed yet, but come on …this is it.

Once past the learning curve of this new ‘streamlined’ way of posting blogs, comics, photos, etc I should be okay, right? Or have I just traded up from the oppression of a ridiculously old version of Dreamweaver to a new, improved and widely used type of oppression?

The Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo.

Last year I put my name on the waiting list for a table in Artist Alley, but figured it was pretty much in vain. It’s been 2 years since my last expo I participated in. In January, after discovering an email asking if I was still interested (yes, I was/am) I was also asked to do painting of signage in a bar/pub I frequent.

2015-01-19 13_21_45 FB_IMG_142204848832317752015-02-04 14.39.33[1]2015-02-04 14.22.382015-02-04 14.24.05

So I’ve gone from not doing much artistically for pretty much all of 2014 (meandering through website redesign, and contemplating the validity of my presence online) to ….doing all new signage for a popular hang out, learning a whole new (and easier?) method of posting online, preparing for the Expo (after a 2 year absence), and working full-time at my place of employment.

WTF just happen?

Oh well, I’ll do what I can, when I can and try not to panic.

See me in Artist Alley at the Expo (April.16-19) – I’ll explain how I did, over Bunny shaped cookies and juice.