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Graffiti Bunnies from 2015 Calgary Expo

So apparently both Chad ( and Graffiti Bunny ( emails were down for what was possibly a long time.

I figured I just wasn’t all that popular …I know, right? Ridiculous!

I can assure anyone trying to email me, or send a Graffiti Bunny my way, that all is in good working order!

Speaking of good working order: I’ve been good at working to finish the new items that will be at the Artist Alley table for this years Calgary Expo.

Like in previous years at the Expo, Graffiti Bunny will be there. The bunnies have overwhelmingly proven to be popular, as well as a good draw to the table.

For the 2016 Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, I’m in Artist Alley of the BMO building.

TABLE number graphic 2016

Table Q11, Artist Alley, BMO Building


I hope you take the opportunity to drop by, say hello, and put some graffiti on a bunny.

Cosplay Graffiti

Charming Cosplay Graffiti