AddThis provides several types of buttons on their website. The AddThis plugin on my WordPress based website, marries my AddThis website and plugin settings, so set up, use and any changes are easy and quick.

But the choice of what would be the most effective design for my website, was tripping me up. I had been using a share button design that blended with my website’s design and aesthetic.

After a surprising Share Button Online Poll, a very clear choice was pointed out to me.

  • Facebook friends came through …eventually. I just had to be patient.
  • Instagram proved it’s not just hashtag hell, and maybe a little bit useful sometimes.
  • Twitter under performed – almost didn’t perform at all. But as luck would have it, someone was on that platform and came through with one single vote with less than 30 minutes left.

The overwhelming winner was the design I shunned for being ‘done to death’ and what I’ve seen on so many other websites. But, according to some participants, what is prevalent and everywhere is also familiar. Thus, comfortable with users in the end.

Yes …I was totally over thinking it.


Today I used a Lime e-scooter.

Good ol’ GZT GXK – we’ve had some good times.

I took a leisurely scoot from work on a lengthy route back home. It was really nice out and I’ve heard Lime scooters are inexpensive.

Pricing seems okay for the length of time scooted. But I get it, it’s the convenience of not having to walk (and …really zip down the bike lane) that I’m paying for. Not an inexpensive alternative to walking.

  • Walking home from work = 20 minutes or so
  • Scooting home from work = 10 minutes or so.

Ride History fibs: I did go fast, but I did not fly.

It’s been long time since my last scoot. That scooter I actually owned. I’m sure it was meant for 12 and up, but it was fun while it lasted – 2 or so years I think …with only a few minor repairs.

I even duct taped a mobile phone to the front of it at one point, for a video. I’m still waiting on my YouTube gold plaque.

Thanks to all of you that participated in the Share Button Design Online Poll.

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