I’ve grown up drawing and imagining stuff …great, eh? Almost never bored.

Drawing kept me occupied when cold calling friends never led to nights out, or when TV began to lose its magnetism, or most likely when I had a subtle, unrelenting impulse to design something (a costume, a gadget, a creature, a plot or scene in a story). I still to this day, draw out of some primal urge – not at all because it’s a job. I have, mind you had jobs where payment after completion was motivation.

But I’ve kept at it for me …mostly.


Newt says most mostly.


I’m older now and what others think of what I do, design, draw, etc doesn’t define my mood as it probably once did when I was little.

Then, drawings were shown off (yeah, even on the fridge) but as I got older, drawings drifted from desk to desk’s drawer.

It’s seems slightly disturbing that I have many illustrations that no other human has ever laid eyes on.

fridge drawing

Chad’s Art button is a childhood relic.

Once living on my own, drawing and painting were handy, built-in means to supplement my meager income. But once I found full-time employment, the extra income component crumbled away. Mostly because I was no good at the salesmanship part of freelancing. Gumshoeing around for jobs/clients is bawls.

Fast forward to 2014 and me pondering the validity of posting online. After nearly a decade, it provided no significant income or audience. Without any means to justify paying for a website and (trying to) adhering to a drawing/blogging schedule, why was I there/here?

So I downsized, well …simplified the posting process – thusly bringing the cost down of having my own website. But that still didn’t help quell the ‘why bother’ navel gazing.

The internet has (potentially) a world wide audience, right? How does one even find out if they’re a big deal in Denmark or Japan?

Me & Miss World Denmark 2015. Okay, totally fake ...but look at us, we're SO HAPPY!

Me & Miss World Denmark 2015. Okay, totally fake …but look at us, we’re SO HAPPY!

More importantly, how does one become a big deal in Denmark or Japan?

Maybe one starts with getting oneself some sort of easy to use online software, inexpensive website hosting package and then plug the shit out of it I guess.

In the meantime, click on a shit-ton of Google Ads, the Donate Button, or (coming soon?) shift money to me via Patreon, and often please.

You aren’t under any obligation to pay me to share – as I’m under no obligation to adhere to a schedule.

I’ll continue to plug away at posting webcomics, blogs and other pages. It would be great if you could do your part too. Yes, you have a part in this.

Share what you’ve seen here today. By telling others about this site and whats on it, you’re helping me.

help me help u

Tom just wants to help.