“That’ll do, Pan …that’ll do.”

So all my earthly possessions actually fill a 10′ U-haul truck …do I only have this much? Or is this much too much?

It was a break up, so I’m going to feel like don’t have much of anything anyways, right?

Day 2: Not really better conditions, but it’s not blowing snow and at night!

Road conditions became uncooperative only a mere 2 hours into the journey.
My mighty driver and I did see plenty of highway plows, but all going in the opposite direction!  So any idea of a straight shot from Vancouver to Calgary was abandoned and an over-niter was decided upon.

Lots of emotion, lots of lifting, lots of stairs all day, and then lots of slushy, snowy, precarious conditions, began to take their toll at a Tim Horton’s in Merritt, BC. The emotion fueled insomnia I had had for a weeks was no match for motel bed. I can’t even imagine how my mighty driver must’ve felt. 

While passing through Salmon Arm, BC, we got stuck twice trying avoid a mess of stopped or jack-knifed semis. But finally got back on the road again. Yes ….someone following our expedition via Facebook, did in fact quote lyrics from the Willie Nelson song.

Day 2: Almost pleasant in comparison to last night’s conditions.

Day 2: Not a confidence booster. 1 of 3 semis that didn’t survive last night’s roads.

My mighty driver had been driving most of the day and now into the night, less cautious drivers were fraying her other wise chill demeanor. Avoiding traffic, we pulled into a rest stop near Field, BC and almost immediately got stuck. So stuck, this bonding road trip to get me back to Calgary looked like it may have come to an end.

2 hours later, we nearly gave up on our U-haul 10′ truck (good trucks, but not at all equipped for what we were experiencing). But persistence paid off and we managed to get unstuck 3 out of 3 times or was it 4 out of 4?
The cost of our eventual freedom from the snowy clutches of British Columbia was our nerves and a medium sized frying pan (for digging) ….it’s sacrifice will not go undocumented.

The rest of the trip, was still snowy but unremarkable, much like our weary 3:30 am arrival into Calgary.

Without a doubt, my return to familiar territory is absolutely bittersweet, no question. But having a friend like my mighty driver, help as much as she did and to have so many friends follow and support our journey on social media, made a little less bitter.

I thanked you a lot during that whole ordeal, but seriously thank you, Taren …for flying out, helping load the truck, driving, more driving and not giving up on getting me and all my possessions back safe and in one piece.

Taren, you are mighty.