I’ve lived in Calgary since I was 7, so simply because of comfort, complacency and familiarity, there never seemed to be a viable, realistic alternative. But at the end of March this year, even in the mail room I was working in, there was no protection from the plunge of Alberta’s oil and gas industry.

Like in the past, when my main source of income took a hit, so too would the creative side of things. Though this time with a generous severance and a shared day-dream with my Business Manager, that ‘one day, when we retire’ type place had become a viable, realistic alternative – with a little effort, and math.

Vancouver has an overabundance of jobs and artistic opportunities.

Before even packing up back in Calgary, in mid-April during a job interview and apartment hunting ‘Secret Vancouver Getaway’, my Business Manager and I stumbled upon two nice, hard at work lads doing their best for charity with VNCVR Clothing. VNCVR Clothing

A brisk conversation touched on my comic strip and a “Oh, we were JUST talking about a comic book style superhero” later, an exchange of ideas and business cards happened.

The take away, besides maybe having an art project in the near future, was ‘if that sort of thing can happen within hours of landing, imagine if I lived there!’


So it’s now 2 weeks into becoming Vancouverites and we’ve taken in few hours at VanCAF and enjoyed Britpop Night at the ANZAClub.

The Creative Den is finally set up into a working order, and the same goes for the rest of the apartment for the most part.

The comic strip and website …wait, the cat came in to say Hi…

Padmae the Cat

Nope, it was more of a ‘it’s time to feed me, affectionate shin snuggle’ type visit.

single panel2

Anyways, Chad’s Universe now has my full attention for the next little while.


So I fully expect to catch up on comic strips, and other website related matters very soon.





FYI: Business Manager = Girlfriend.

Come on, I can’t afford a manager, I’m unemployed, ‘artsy folk’ right now!