In childhood drawings Chad often incorporated himself, so it seemed only natural to continue that decades later in The Thinking Man’s Idiocies.

“Way back when I had NO MONEY, the best way I could get exposure, besides window painting and other freelance artwork …was to get something, like a comic strip, into the U of C’s Newspaper.”

The comic strip would become a regular installment in University of Calgary’s, The Gauntlet for about 5 years.

Sometime after all that, artwork traded for a website and domain name lead to the creation of Which became the permanent home for the comic strip, a few actually finished comics, as well as Chad’s continually growing Red Binder Collection.

“I’ve had that Red Binder for a long time – the first binder fell apart and was retired in 2001.”

With time, continuously adding doodles, rough sketches and finished illustrations, transformed it into an immense collection.

“If I’m out and about with a little time on my hands, I’ll find a place to sit and then draw for a little while. So as long as that sort of thing happens, the collection will continue to grow, and grow …and grow.”