IMG_0493In childhood drawings Chad often incorporated himself, so it seemed only natural to continue that decades later in The Thinking Man’s Idiocies.

“Back then I had NO MONEY and the best way I felt I could get exposure, other than window painting and other freelance artwork, was the U of C’s Newspaper.”

The comic strip would become a regular installment in University of Calgary’s, The Gauntlet for about 5 years.

Sometime after all that, artwork traded for a website and domain name lead to the creation of Becoming the permanent home for the comic strip, a few actually finished comics, as well as the Chad’s continually growing Red Binder Collection.

“I’ve had that Red Binder (first binder fell apart, was retired in 2001)  for a long time. Didn’t pay much attention to how much artwork circulated through it. As a side effect, Doodles, rough sketches and finished illustrations – decades of artwork, have become an immense body of work …and I’m STILL adding to it!”


2016-06-23 11.58.05

Rainy day drawing at Wicked Cafe

Not long after relocating to Vancouver in June 2016, Chad created a social group Drink & Draw YVR.

“It worked once before, back in Calgary – even melded with a larger group, THEN met some great, ridiculously talented folks. Hope to do that again – artistic level doesn’t really matter. Neither does alcohol for the ‘drinking’, but I find the booze makes for funnier ‘pass-arounds.'” 

“Living the Dream” at the 2016 Calgary Expo







“I didn’t like the idea of leaving loads of good friends behind in Calgary, or becoming a ‘little fish in a big pond.’ But opportunity here in Vancouver is abundant and hard to ignore. So, I’m kind of learning to swim all over again …in a crowded, massive, multi-cultural pond of high-tech and low-tech arts.”