In childhood, Chad would often incorporate himself into his drawings – an astronaut, castaway or Ferrari driving, special agent. Fast forward decades later, he started a comic strip with again, himself, as the central character.

“A very long time ago when I was freelancing and working fulltime, I figured a good way to get some free exposure was to submit a comic strip to U of C’s newspaper. The Gauntlet, which had a comics section – was distributed nearly everyone …and turned out to be a good decision.”

The Thinking Man’s Idiocies would become a regular installment in the University of Calgary’s, The Gauntlet for 5 years.

“I wasn’t a student, but sometimes it almost felt like I was. I took the train to the campus every week. The staff there at the time was really great, even letting me help out from time to time. Eventually leading to drawings for the Frosh Week supplement and t-shirt design.”

Previously, there had only been two other Thinking Man’s Idiocies t-shirt designs.

Chad’s Universe

Shortly after the U of C, artwork traded for a domain name and website hosting, led to the creation of

“I did artwork for a print shop and was paid in business cards, with ‘Chad’s Universe’ on them, so decided to do the same with the website. I didn’t even have a computer of my own at the time. But I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a potential global audience.”

2 years later and with a computer of his own, was up and running, becoming the permanent home of The Thinking Man’s Idiocies comic strip …as well as various miscellaneous art projects and illustrations.