In childhood drawings Chad often incorporated himself, so it seemed only natural to continue that decades later in The Thinking Man’s Idiocies.

“A long time ago, I figured the best way to continue exposure between freelance projects was to get something into the comics section of the U of C’s Newspaper.”

The comic strip would become a regular installment in University of Calgary’s, The Gauntlet for about 5 years.

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Sometime after all that, artwork exchanged for website hosting and a domain name lead to the creation of  Becoming the permanent home for the comic strip, some finished comics, and Chad’s Red Binder Collection.

Red Binder

2005, Bankers Hall on Stephen Ave, Calgary, AB

“I’ve had the Red Binder for a long time – the first binder fell apart (1988-2001) – but replaced it with exactly the same thing.”

2017, Wicked Cafe – while living in Vancouver, BC

In time, doodles, rough sketches and finished illustrations, that were moving through the binder became an immense collection.

“If I’m somewhere with a little time on my hands, I may find a place to sit and draw. So long as that sort of thing continues to happen, out and about or even at home, the Red Binder Collection will continue to grow.”

Drawing Table

The drawing table in the comic strip is the same Chad has used in real life for a very long time.

“In my early teens, it was gifted to me by a mentor and I’ve managed to hold on to it, move after move, decade after decade.”

Chad hasn’t been the only one to use the drawing table. Many furry companions over the years have used it as a perch -supervising creation of content for this website perhaps.











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“That saying, ‘If 1 million people gave 1 dollar each, I’d have 1 million dollars.’ If that could happen to me, I’d have permanent, full time work, I’d want to work 7 days a week at …and I’d be happy to call a career.”

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