Here are a few samples of many personal and professional projects from oldest to most recent.

April, 2021, I purchased my very first Pen Display – a Huion Kamvas 13. Not sure why it took me so long to join the ‘digital age’…will post results here.

The Rocketeer costume. 1991

Window Painting. Theatre Entrance. 1992

‘Otis’ – Pet Store character redesign. 2006

Mixed media on found rock. 2009

Original comic strip for band. 2014

Halloween Costume. Mixed Media. 2014.

Aqua King. (Photoshop color 2021) 2015

‘Cursed Quarry’ – Calgary Expo. 2016

Barbaria – Character development/design. Pen/Paper/Digital
Barbaria – Final Design. Digital/Huion Kamvas 13. 2021
Teen with Sword. Digital/Huion Kamvas 13. 2021